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Portfolio/Passive Income

As a dealing member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, we provide excellent services that demystify Investments which provide Portfolio and Passive income that adds to your Earned income and continues to do so long after your earning income ceases.

Listed below are our services that can make your money work for you.


Our Capital Market Services.

This service we provide is aimed at helping you raise capital by dealing in shares, bonds, and other long-term investments. So, if you are wondering "How does one become an Investor?" our capital market services will make you into one with portfolio and passive income.

As an Investor, we will help you accomplish the following:

Purchases & Sales of shares of Quoted and Unquoted Companies.
Purchase of Federal, State and Local Government Stocks & Bond.
Stockbroker to new issues Verification/ Lodgment of share certificates into CSCS and
Share Transmission to beneficiaries.

This is how you get your money to work for you. Interested much? simply open a trading Account with us and become an Investor.

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Investment Management

Our invetsment management sevices is designed to help you handle your financial assets and other investments, not just buying and selling them. Management includes devising a short- or long-term strategy for the trading of your portfolio holdings to achieve a specific investment objective. You can simply refere to our investment management services as Money or Wealth Management.

We make it our business to make your money make more for you. how we accomplish this feat is our trade secret

We can help you in the three following ways:

Portfolio Management.
Fund Management and.
Investment Advisory Services

This is us making it easier for you to get your money to work for you while you take a back seat. doesn't this interest you? simply open a trading Account with us and enjoy the ride to progressive financial freedom.

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Financial Advisory

With our wealth of experience in the Nigerian capital market and our trained and dedicated professionals, we are able to provide financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation.

Let us help you advance far in your quest for financial discovery and freedom with our financial advisory package as your:

Sourcing and procurement of high quality investment papers.

Do you want to be a world class successful Investor, let us guide you and show you the ropes. You will be thrilled! Do you want to know more? all you need to do is open a trading Account with us. it will only take 20mins.

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Issuing House Services

Do you have a business? does your business seek to raise more funds to develop its capital projects or for business expansion?

It wasn't blind luck that brought you to our website. It was destiny. We serve both the small and the big companies.

We can help you do any or all of the following:

IPO Listing: Get your Business listed on the floors the Nigerian Stock Exchange, through what is called, ‘Initial Public Offerings’ (IPOs).
Private Placements: Raise working capital through private placements.
Issuing Bonds.

Does your busines require any of these services? We can make it pretty easy to achive your solution. take a small step to open a trading Account with us. and we will show you and help you take the giant leap to your business solution with peace of mind.

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Commodity Trading

Harmony Securities Limited partners with commodities Merchants (AFEX, LCFE, NCX) for online/real-time trading on their respective platform by our clients on any commodity of their choice thereby giving room for diversifications.

Are you wondering how commodity trading can make a financial difference in your investment strategy? It is our business to do the thinking and your business to reap the profit. Would you like to know more? open a trading Account with us.

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